Alison Weld – Tonal Variation


Alison Weld

“Tonal Variation”

Saturday, July 9 – Sunday, August 14

Opening Reception, Saturday, July 9 from 3-6pm

    Introduced in 2015, the Tonal Variation works comprise several discrete, achieved paintings assembled into diptychs, triptychs, and asymmetrical groupings. Within these assemblages I juxtapose multiple elements of seemingly contrasting visual statements to set in play a sense of aesthetic contrast and variation which expresses my life as an artist working within the continuum of past and contemporary art.

The Tonal Variation works may be constructed either from almost entirely new paintings or they may incorporate earlier paintings which were either single works or components of previous diptychs, triptychs, or groupings of multiple parts. For instance, Neo-expressionistic semi-figurative works of the early 1980s can be aligned with much more abstract works of mid-1990s and later. Acrylic paintings abut those in oil. Dynamic sight lines are established within assemblages of small and large paintings. Thus, Paleo Continuo (2015) brings together the 1984 acrylic Man and Bird with three oil paintings of 2000: Alto and two small “self-portraits” Portrait 8 and Portrait 13.

The resulting new works display a varied palette at times, or a varied gesture or mark in other instances, but all work to be integrated through structure and form. But both the separate elements and constructed assemblage also offer variations on the basic and recurring themes of my painting over four decades – variations which recognize changes and developments through time but which affirm the constant engagement in personal and collective expression. I am interested in my own “metabolic histories” and our culture’s underlying “continuo” from the paleolithic origins of art to the current con- tinuum of individual and collective creativity. I believe art expresses the soul and expands the mind. It speaks of the individual and the culture to the individual and the culture. Much of my work can be seen within a tradition of expressive abstraction, yet I understand tradition lives by being relevant to the present. Ideas, expressions, aesthetics all “migrate” in time. A work of the past finds new life in the present.

Tonal Variations are thus rooted in the present, but do not negate the aesthetic past – whether that of our long, shared aesthetic continuum or my personal artistic journey. They acknowledge collec- tive visual meaning. They are not separate from either the external lived world or our realm of cultural expression; they are a distillation and response, personal and shared.

A metabolism of the soul
A history of the soul
A metabolism of the mind An historic continuo
An historic passage of the abstract and time now.
History and Time now.
A tonal variation of the soul.

Alison Weld

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