Many Faces of Abstraction

July 11 – August 22, 2015

Opening Reception: Sat. July 11th, 3-5pm

Joel Le Bow, Jack Cesareo, Amaranth Ehrenhalt, Anthony Fearron, Claire Giblin, Karl Hagedorn, Ben Herr, Ryan Hnat, Bill Hutson, Martee Levi, Shozo Nagano, Michelle Neifert, Florence Putterman, Barnaby Ruhe, Ellen Slupe, and Shirley Thomas.

 The AS foundation focuses on Abstract Expressionist paintings and sculptures, and for this particular show, it is showcasing Abstract Expressionist artists who either grew up, live in or moved to Pennsylvania.

 Karl Hagedorn (1922-2005) lived in Philadelphia in the latter part of his life: he worked in a Symbolic Abstract style, gravitating towards work that integrated organic and machine-like components. Rooted in cubism and the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, Hagedorn’s painting resonates with younger Pennsylvania artist, Ryan Hnat’s hard-edged abstractions and Shozo Nagano’s clearly rendered paintings: as all three artists describe space with colored planes.

Following in the footsteps of Hans Hofmann, Lancaster area artists Bill Hutson and Ben Herr compose their paintings and collages by measuring out just the right amount of color by controlling it through shape. Extending this method to free-standing sculpture in metal and wood; respectively, Jack Cesareo and Martee Levi assign particular colors and patterns with specific planes.

Softening the divisions between colors, artists Claire Giblin and Michelle Neifert make an emotional impact by working in a Color Field or Impressionist style.

Amaranth Ehrenhalt, Ellen Slupe and Jim Thorpe native Joel Le Bow evoke a sense of ebb and flow through Abstract Expressionist work. Their work feels energized by gesture. Barnaby Ruhe pushes paint toward extremity abstraction but often retains images as an Action Painter. The next to last step before complete chaos is Graffiti artist, Anthony Fearron’s torrid surfaces.

Mixing genres: Florence Putterman works symbolically but also emphasizes material like Shirley Thomas, who builds up fascinating surfaces. Visit the opening of “The Many Faces Of Abstraction” in Jim Thorpe and explore the many pathways of abstraction.

Details at: or 570-325-5815. The Anita Shapolsky Foundation is open Saturday and Sunday 11-5 pm at 20 West Broadway in beautiful Jim Thorpe, PA.