The Cupcake & The Bicycle

Jack Cesareo started working at the Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation (20 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA) in 1988 and continued working for three and a half years to transform the space. I invited Jack to exhibit his photography, paintings and sculpture for the enjoyment of the people in Jim Thorpe and visitors. This town has always had a soft spot in Jack’s life. His development as an artist incubated here with all the wonderful abstract art around him. Jack has been working at the Museum of Natural History as an exhibit builder for many years. How lucky he is to have a job that he truly loves!

In the rarified world of international art it’s refreshing to see a real, everyday working artist practicing his craft and touching lives. Why can’t we have more stories like the ones that emerge from the studio of New York artist Jack Cesareo? With his Cupcake and Bicycle project Jack highlights the difference between today’s often intentionally grotesque and shocking “concept-driven” art and infinitely friendlier “bicycle-driven” art.

Jack has this to say about the Cupcake and Bicycle adventure, “I was a bit scared about just stopping and talking to people when I first began my travels, but I found out quickly that a cupcake is kind of disarming and people just want to know what I am doing. As an artist, I want to make an impression to people. Everybody remembers a giant cupcake. And I wanted, in this nation of freedom, to travel around freely, deciding to stop and go when it felt right, and to meet other Americans. Everywhere I go people are fantastic. This is a beautiful country”.

  • The Cupcake & The Bicycle in Jim Thorpe
  • The Cupcake & The Bicycle in Jim Thorpe
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